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Why Use Pheedback?

Building alone can be difficult, especially when you aren't able to get good feedback on your projects.

Asking friends isn't always useful as they might not understand what you're trying to build. Consulting with professionals yields great advice, but is expensive.

Why not ask some other driven makers who might have complementary skill sets to yours?

Get unstuck on your problems and gain new perspectives on how to grow your business with Pheedback. It's free!

What You Can Chat About

  • Idea Validation & Brainstorming

  • New Perspectives To Approach Your Projects

  • Growing Your Audience

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Newsletters & Copywriting

  • Landing Page Feedback

  • UX & UI

How Does It Work?

  1. Create a profile

  2. Share details about yourself, what you're working on and what you can help with

  3. Submit a feedback request when you need help, and we'll match you with a member of the community

  4. Have a 1-on-1 video call with your match. Spend 15 minutes on one idea, and 15 minutes on the other. Help each other out!

Who Uses Pheedback?


Solo Founders

Indie Makers

Side Project Hustlers

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